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Fly over the Annecy Lake

Flights description

How to book your paragliding flight in Annecy

First, contact our team by phone to set the date and time for your paragliding flight. Then, we meet directly at the Doussard landing (near Annecy) on D-day.

Our shuttle is waiting for us and takes us to take off, about 20 minutes. Arrival on the take-off area at the Col de la Forclaz in the town of Montmin (1240m above sea level), we will equip ourselves: jacket, helmet, harness (harness in which you will be seated). The pilot then gives you some simple instructions for take-off. No big difficulties, you just have to walk and then run.

An FAQ concerning recurring questions about paragliding is available at the bottom of the page.

"An unforgettable paragliding flight in Annecy"

More commonly called “paragliding jumps”, it is in fact a paragliding flight that we are going to perform. Indeed, we do not jump but we run to take off.

Paragliding is an outdoor activity, so we are dependent on the weather. In the event of rain or strong wind, we do not fly. This is why we call all our passengers the day before the flight to get a very quick update in case of uncertain weather.

Paragliding take-off

Perhaps the most impressive moment, you are in front of the pilot facing the lake and the slope, you are strapped in and there a voice tells you to go. You walk, run, you are in the air …

Paragliding flight

After a few seconds of flight, the pilot will help you get into the harness. This being done, all you have to do is let yourself be guided in the sky and enjoy this feeling of freedom in an exceptional setting above the Annecy Lake. Depending on the flight formula chosen, the flight lasts between 12 and 45 minutes and some options such as acrobatics or initiation to piloting are offered to you.

Paragliding landing

All good things come to an end, we’re going to have to land. We fly over the field, we stand up, we touch the ground, we walk and that’s it. This stage surprises with its softness and simplicity.

A word from the pilot

“Après 20 ans d’expérience, j’ai décidé de monter une petite structure de taille réduite afin de répondre au mieux à vos attentes et de pouvoir individualiser chaque vol en parapente. En effet, la taille de la structure, 3 ou 4 pilotes, permet un rapport humain très chaleureux car vous n’aurez qu’un seul interlocuteur du premier coup de téléphone jusqu’à l’atterrissage… en douceur bien sûr.”

Franck Mattola

Frequently asked questions

The 3 recurring questions about paragliding flight:

No. The child just has to want to fly. However, we believe it is better to wait 5 years.
You must be able to run at least 20 meters and not weigh more than 120 kilos.

A pair of sneakers, a sweater or jacket, a pair of sunglasses.

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